Baby Bum Salve Scented

  • Made with certified organic ingredients, the gentle healing herbal infusion of calendula & plantain leaves soothes baby’s sensitive diaper area. Organic Beeswax is rich in Vitamin A, which helps keep the baby's skin hydrated and forms a protective barrier but is also known to help the skin breathe.

    This Baby Bum Salve has the right synergy of herbs & beeswax, that enhances its mild anti-bacterial properties that impede the growth of fungus or bacteria on the surface of the skin.

    Directions: Rub a small amount in your palm & gently apply on baby’s skin to soothe dry skin patches.

    For diaper rash, apply the balm to a towel dried baby’s bottom.

    When using for the first time, we recommend a patch test for sensitivities.

    A mild fragrance of soothing Roman Chamomile essential oil, makes this product suitable for babies 6 months and over.